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Alfa Romeo 4c

In addition to the limousine for weddings also offer this beautiful supercar two-seater coupe, the car will be driven directly by the groom or the bride

This supercar coupe produced Italian automaker Alfa Romeo 2013
It has its world premiere in the network, in anticipation of the small world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013, followed by Italian debut at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April of the same year. Despite being a car brand Alfa Romeo, the production was edited by Maserati (other automaker Fiat) in its factory in Modena.
The body is made entirely of composite material SMC type (in the case of polyester reinforced with glass fiber, which has a specific weight of 1.5 g / cc compared to 2.7 g / cm aluminum), low density and high resistance . The use of this material provides an advantage in terms of weight reduction (50% compared to the alloy).
The search for lightness then carried out on the body and the chassis: bumper made of polyurethane injection (commercially known as PUR-RIM), which allows a weight reduction of about 20% compared to traditional bumper. Glasses are thinner than the 10% and 15% lighter than traditional; windshield is often only four millimeters.
The vehicle is equipped with four cylinders in line Otto cycle engine, the supercharged direct-injection, equipped with a transmission stage; made entirely of light alloy, so it contains weights, located in a transverse position straga.Pomak Central is 1750 cc, delivers a maximum power of 241 hp, for a maximum torque of 350 N · MDI which 80% are already available at 1700 rev / min; This guarantees, based on the data that is in the house, about 255 km / h top speed and acceleration 0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.
The transfer is handled with automatic dry Alfa Romeo TCTgestibile in sequential mode, and that is expected to launch control function. Traction is back and running through the hand lever Alfa Romeo DNA.Motor - the same as the great Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde - here is made entirely of aluminum, a material that allows the engine and gearbox to keep the weight to 135 kg, 24 less than the 'unit mounted on the wagon

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