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Bmw 635 coupè

For those who like to be in addition to sports Limousine offer this car for weddings
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Bmw 635D, Its engine bi-turbo diesel common-rail 3,500 cc delivers 296 hp of maximum power.
Car body E63 initially steel, but with some parts of the frame and body of aluminum alloy (the cover and doors) and thermoplastic material (trunk lid and front fenders) .I been used lightweight materials to reduce weight, also this choice has contributed to an optimal optimum weight balance between front and rear, the weight is distributed to 50% on each axis.
The technical architecture of the car is traditional, with longitudinal front engine, rear wheel drive, ventilated disc brakes, independent suspension (MacPherson front suspension and multilink rear) and the steering rack (with hydraulic booster).
Length: 482 cm Width: 185 cm Height: 137cm

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